Surface aerators

Oxygenators and degassers help keeping the water environment always healthy

SURFACE AERATION is necessary and highly recommended in all situations where degassing is required. In many applications, the removal of harmful gases, which are very dangerous to aquatic animals and the health of the reservoir, is far more important than simple water oxygenation. These aerators are also suitable for reducing the thickness of foam in aeration reactors. The aerator serves primarily to push water into the air so that the two elements come into contact and to finally transfer oxygen from the air to the water. The two most critical features for choosing a surface aerator are: > water flow rate (m3/h) – this is a must for all aerators. > water suction depth. Within the area covered by a surface aerator there will be well-oxygenated and mixed water, no stratification, and ultimately a better water environment.


Splash is a very high-efficiency vertical surface aerator, characterised by the production of a ‘fountain effect’, which allows the oxygen concentration in the water to increase through air-water contact.

With the Splash range of surface aerators, water is oxygenated without creating turbulence on the bottom, although the action of the system can easily reach up to 3 metres depth due to its submerged position. Further product advantages include low energy consumption, durability and an excellent degassing effect, particularly suitable for removing carbon dioxide (CO2) and ammonia (NH4+) from the water. 

The Splash surface aerator is lightweight and easy to transport and handle. Although it performs best in freshwater applications, this system is also useful for brackish and seawater installations.


Sprint is classified as a surface aerator, particularly suitable for use in freshwater plants, although thanks to the protection degree of the materials it is made of it can be successfully used for seawater plants.

The Sprint surface aerator uses an energy-efficient system to improve water quality management without causing turbulence on the bottom. It is suitable for ornamental purposes thanks to its tall fountain, also available with coloured lights for scenic night-time applications.

Sprint Allegro

Ornamental fountain aerator with variable size:

  • Energy category EI 1
  • Less motor heating
  • Complete control of fountain size
  • Same motor for many voltages and Hz.
  • Total control of energy consumption
  • Aeration effect directly proportional to motor speed
  • IP20 or IP66 inverter operation available
  • Fast return on investment
  • Power up to 0.3 – 3.0Kw

Loop games can be realised by rhythmically varying the fountain size.


A surface aerator with outstanding features in terms of circulation and degassing, also ideal for energy-efficient oxygenation. Compact and powerful, Brio-Ox 44 consists of a motor that can be tilted upwards to allow an effective cascade effect for both oxygenation and degassing.

The aeration system produces an optimal circulation of water inside the tank thanks to the inclination in the water jet, and allows destratification since it does not operate only at surface level, which is typical of traditional systems.

Lightweight, easy to handle and move from tank to tank, it is robust and durable, suitable for use in both fresh and salt water. It is equipped with a conveyor to direct the flow and achieve a longer direct effect, available in floating or “dock mount” versions.


Elewater is a high-flow, low-pressure water elevator. In addition to a very low energy consumption, it allows the circulation of high volumes of water. The circulating effect combined with the aeration and degassing makes this system particularly suitable for use in lakes and ponds that need to transfer water from the deepest level to the surface, mixing and oxygenating it at the same time.

The water will be renewed and well destratified, resulting in a better concentration of nutrients and their proper distribution throughout the whole column.

The Elewater surface aerator is effective in improving the flow of recirculating water in RAS while minimising energy consumption, and is also very versatile and easy to handle. It operates up to a depth of 10 metres.

The system is available with floating or static support fixed to the bottom of the tank or basin.



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