ACQUA&CO: Optimising water quality

We protect the most precious resource with the most innovative technologies

ACQUA&CO’s goal is to improve water quality by developing the smartest and most innovative solutions on the market. Our long-lasting experience makes us one of the leading international players in the production of efficient and effective systems, successfully used in the aquaculture and sport fishing sectors (under the ACQUA&CO and INNOVAQUA brands), and in waste water treatment and environmental restoration (under the ACQUAECOREMEDY brand) .

We strive every day to offer technologies that improve on those currently available and, if necessary, we design and develop new systems to meet the most specific needs, always to the benefit of the environment and people.

For ACQUA&CO, technology must contribute to water management: to make it available, protect it, not waste it, recover it after its use, and allow it to generate new life

In over forty years, we have developed several successful projects all over the world: this international vocation, together with a quality certified by our ‘made in Italy’ brand, allows us to understand in depth the complexity of the multiple sectors we address. We meet them by developing highly evolved technologies and solutions, different from what is currently available on the market, more effective, durable and efficient. 

Our aim is to protect the aquatic environment in its many facets and meanings, improving its quality with solutions conceived to be beneficial to the environment and people.

Innovation-oriented with an international view

We protect the most precious resource with the most innovative technologies

ACQUA&CO is not only the holding company but also the name of our first division, providing systems for the improvement of water quality.  

ACQUAECOREMEDY specialises in designing solutions and technologies for waste water treatment plants, industrial processing and environmental restoration of natural or artificial limnic environments, as well as ports and docks. The proposed solutions are the result of an in-depth knowledge of all technologies available in the scientific literature, from the most traditional to the most modern and efficient. Their performance is assured by our constant focus on customisation and the specific strategies applied to each process. These prime quality systems have made the brand one of the most renowned globally. 

The INNOVAQUA division operates in the aquaculture sector and is oriented towards advanced water recirculation solutions: our closed circuits enable increased, optimised and more controlled production in aquaculture, as well as improved management of water as an invaluable resource.

Since water is the heart of our planet and its greatest treasure, our aim is to offer solutions in its most diverse applications: to increase the profitability and productivity of fish farms as well as to increase water quality, whether it is used for aquaculture projects, within a natural area to protect or restore, or in depuration treatments for waste water or industrial water.


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