In aquaculture, it is increasingly necessary to adopt RAS water recirculation systems for ethical, environmental and biosecurity reasons.

This will result in high water saving, and protection from potential pollution issues and external pathogens.

Furthermore, with RAS closed circuits, productivity exponentially increases and considerable cost savings are achieved due to total control of the system.

Innovaqua designs and produces RAS, already boasting several closed-circuit systems in Italy and several international markets.

These closed circuits are obviously used in the fish/shrimp sector, at different levels of the production cycle (hatcheries, pre-growing, broodstock, farming modules).

Our company has also references in the molluscs farming (in horizontal and vertical systems), and in research centres (public or private).

Thanks to the meticulous study of each specific application Innovaqua is able to provide all these solutions in order to achieve the best results.

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