Combined systems

Water movement and injection of oxygen or air

The combined systems offered by ACQUA&CO add the large water movement of circulators to the injection of large volumes of oxygen or air typical of aerators.

Combined systems achieve great results in terms of high rate of oxygen transfer and water movement as a result of the significantly increased contact time between air/oxygen and water. They also transfer exponentially more oxygen (up to ten times more) than conventional aerators using very little additional energy: this is possible due to the larger volume of water handled by the system.


It is a combined system consisting of two motors, an aerator and a circulator, to create a combination exploiting the high volume of water circulated to better diffuse the air injected by the aerator. The Combito is must-have solution in any situation where a professional, high-performance motor is required. Moreover, it is has a lightweight and versatile structure.

This combined system allows mixing and homogenisation of nutrients, temperature and oxygen throughout the water column, increasing the concentration of oxygen in large volumes of water. It is also useful for preventing bottom sedimentation and reducing all fermentation problems related to anoxia and harmful gases. Its motors are independent to ensure more precise regulation and greater versatility.

In the 2FEET version, the motors are closer together, making it possible to work in very shallow water even down to 50cm. Extremely functional for dissolving air or pure oxygen, it ensures the highest transfer rate.

Combo e Combix

This combined system consists of a powerful circulator from the RIO range and 1 or 2 submersible aerators and is ideal for large tanks. It can be used in any kind of highly professional application and also for particularly difficult or harsh situations.

With its floating supports available in galvanised iron or stainless steel, it is suitable for use in fresh, brackish and sea water, provides excellent performance with low energy consumption and is effective for pure oxygen or air applications. The motors can operate autonomously as required, ensuring further energy savings.

The floats are manufactured through a professional die-casting process and are made of thick UV-resistant materials . On request, they can be filled with polyurethane foam.

Combo PRO e Combix PRO

The Combo PRO and Combix PRO systems can be considered the ‘big brother’ of the Combo one, with a configuration consisting of 1 circulator from the Rio range and 1 or 2 electro-injectors from the Stormix PRT range.

It proves to be the indispensable solution wherever there is a need for powerful aeration for industrial applications or highly polluting effluent depuration on large lagoon and sewage basins.

The float structure is available in stainless steel with four die-cast floats and are made of thick UV-resistant materials

Triplex e Formix

Triplex and 4Mix are aeration islands designed to inject large amounts of air into a single injection point. Triplex can impart one direction to the flow, while 4Mix has a 360° effect.

These aeration solutions are suitable as emergency systems or on large aeration basins with high organic loads, such as landfill or industrial treatment leachate.

The float structure is available in stainless steel with four die-cast floats and are made of thick UV-resistant materials.



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