Essential for the health of aquatic ecosystems

Today ACQUA&CO now offers a complete range of professional circulators designed to meet a wide range of application needs, and this thanks to its long-lasting experience,

It is important to remember that the homogenisation of components such as nutrients and oxygen is critical to the health of aquatic ecosystems and that this process is often blocked by stratification or the particular conformation of the reservoir. In nature, wind allows a partial mixing of the more superficial layers of the waterbody, but this is often insufficient for complete homogenisation. Therefore, it is  necessary to use circulators that guarantee a deeper and continuous action over the entire water column, especially in case of aquaculture production.

ACQUA&CO circulators generate currents of well-oxygenated and naturally nutritious water, improving the growth, production and quality of the farmed species while decreasing plankton mortality. Good circulation reactivates contaminated and poor water, revitalising the seabed by sanitising it and eliminating the risk of organic pollution and the generation of decomposition gases.

Finally, circulation is an excellent solution for limiting algal overproduction: without causing turbidity nor erosion, its speed can be controlled by adjusting its position and inclination.

Brio BR

Brio is an energy-efficient circulator. The large flow that the motor generates can be directed, allowing optimal adaptation to the shape of the tank or reservoir.

Thanks to its strong mixing action, the Brio circulator ensures destratification and circulation in ponds or reservoirs. Through equalisation, Brio enables the distribution of all nutrients and oxygen over the entire water volume. It is suitable for fresh and salt water applications.

  • High flow rate
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable motor depth and orientation
  • High energy efficiency
  • Static or floating support


The Rio AG is a powerful high-flow circulator with low energy consumption.

The low-speed double-propeller gearbox ensures quiet operation while avoiding disturbing any animals in the lake and minimising the environmental impact on the aquatic ecosystem.

A Rio AG circulator ensures circulation and destratification in reservoirs of up to 10,000 square metres. During the winter period, it keeps wide areas free of ice even in large basins.

Thanks to the circulation effect, the Rio AG allows the removal of organic and pollutant deposits, avoiding decomposition and fermentation phenomena, and thus reducing the occurrence of bad smell caused by anaerobic decomposition. In lagoons or large treatment tanks, this circulator produces excellent homogenisation and diffusion of oxygen throughout the water volume, avoiding dead and anoxic zones.

  • High flow rate at low energy cost
  • Adjustable motor orientation
  • High energy efficiency
  • Many supports available



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