Our complementary waste water treatment range

ACQUA&CO offers a wide range of systems, accessories and instruments for waste water treatment. From the Mirafeed precision feeder specifically designed for aquaculture applications to several models of professional ozone generators and the Ostriga basket for cultivating molluscs and seafood in many ecosystems and systems for fish transportation.

Mirafeed power supply

Mirafeed is a high-precision feeder suitable for hatcheries, on-growing facilities, research centres. It is the most versatile and precise aquaculture feeder on the market.

This feeder has been developed to prevent moisture and splashes even in saltwater applications due to its compact design and is also user-friendly, easy to set up and clean. 

The Mirafeed feeder can be used to dose different types of feed (50 micron meals, crumbled, microencapsulated, pellets), and is designed to avoid build-up and fouling despite the highly-humid environment.

The Mirafeed has different configurations that are easily interchangeable thanks to conversion kits; a single motor allows multiple applications thanks to a range of accessories that can be available according to use and feed size. Discs rotating inside the feeder allow single doses from 0.3 g to 45 g per dose.

Mirafeed operates with 24 VAC safety voltage.

Ozone generators

ACQUA&CO is one of the most appreciated manufacturers of top-range professional ozone generators. Our expertise stems from a long experience in the water sector (aquaculture and waste water treatment) where ozone has always been used.

Our range of ozone generators goes from 250 mg/h to 10 g/h in standard versions; larger generators are available upon request. All indicated range values refer to air-fed machines, but they can double if pure oxygen is used.

Oyster and molluscs production: Ostriga

Ostriga is a state-of-the-heart basket allowing molluscs and seafood farming in multiple ecosystems, growing new species in previously inaccessible areas, and optimising growth and productivity. It is particularly suitable for use in molluscs pre-growing, fattening, refinement, maintenance, depuration and farming.

Ostriga is a hydrodynamic basket with interspaces dimensioned to promote better water circulation and create less resistance to water currents. It features compartmentalised internal spaces and predefined heights that allow for regular growth and avoid polymorphisms. Thanks to its contoured shape, it is easy to clean and wash and can be reused several times. Each system can hold up to 50 kg of product.

Fish transportation

Acqua&co manufactures oxygen tanks for transporting small quantities of fish (max. 70 kg). The tanks made with isothermal bins and the pure oxygen supply system allow the fish to be transported safely for several hours while protecting animal welfare.

These tanks can be used for transportation, for bloodstock, and for fish and crustaceans sampling.

The oxygen tanks are refillable and can be placed on the side or on top for easy transportation.



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