Aquatic environments

Restoration, improvement and maintenance of water quality in natural and artificial lakes, marinas and ports

ACQUAECOREMEDY has historically specialised in environmental recovery by restoring, improving and maintaining water quality in natural or artificial lakes, ornamental lakes, golf or sport fishing lakes, as well as in lagoons, marinas and ports. The proposed service also includes emergency response management.

Thanks to the in-depth know-how and dedicated solutions developed over the years, ACQUAECOREMEDY is able to restore the natural self-depurative processes of aquatic ecosystems and to treat or clear off anthropogenic pollutants generating the environmental crisis. 

Oxygen is life and when it is deficient or lacking it always creates serious disruptions to the environment: that is why ACQUAECOREMEDY products are specially designed to solve these problems in a natural, smart and efficient way.


Environmental Restoration in Water Parks:

When water is used as an ornamental element, it is crucial that its quality is top and that it does not, under any circumstances, generate bad smell. In water parks, everything must be harmonious, and water, if managed correctly, can bring peace and harmony thanks to its transparency.

ACQUAECOREMEDY designs and manufactures machinery and systems that maintain the water quality of water parks to oligotrophic standards, eliminating any risk of bad smell generation and preventing algae and macrophytes growth.


Environmental recovery in marinas and ports:

Heavy anthropisation can lead to anoxia and putrescence of sediments even in the sea, resulting in bad smell. Marinas and ports are particularly prone to this type of problems, as they are areas where hydrocarbons or washing water can be easily dumped.

Over the years, ACQUAECOREMEDY as developed several aquatic restoration projects at marinas and ports, which have produced very satisfactory results. High oxygen transfer rates, high water movement and low operating and management costs are critical to the success of ACQUAECOREMEDY's machines within this very demanding sector.


Restoration of lakes in GOLF courses:

Water is often used as an ornamental element in golf courses and its quality and transparency are as important as the total absence of odours. ACQUAECOREMEDY's long-lasting experience in restoring aquatic environments in this particular area has enabled us to keep many small water basins clean and crystal clear in lots of golf courses all over the world.







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