Submersible aerators

The submersible aerator is an extremely flexible and versatile aeration system

Several studies have proved that the amount of gas dissolved in a solution (water) is directly proportional to the gas pressure in air. Oxygen transfer is calculated as the difference between the oxygen level in air and water. The greater this difference, the greater the transfer rate. A true exchange occurs and the system is in a saturation condition when an equilibrium is reached between the gases in the air and those in the water. Submersible aeration is provided by systems that inject air deeply and dissolve the air/oxygen into microbubbles. The high contact surface area of these microbubbles improves the transfer of oxygen through the entire water column (air in water). With horizontal flow, these systems increase the contact time between air (oxygen) and water, thus preventing oxygen loss and significantly increasing the oxygen transfer rate.


Forza7 is a submersible aerator, available in a marine bronze version. The speed of its propeller creates a pressure drop that draws air from the surface through a suction tube. By injecting a large volume of micronised air bubbles into the water, it perfectly dissolves air and oxygen.

The Forza7 propeller also creates a powerful flow of water by providing circulation. This submersible aerator can be installed at different depths and angles of incidence to prevent thermal stratification, making the ecosystem in which it operates uniform. 

Efficient aeration and circulation help diffuse oxygen to the bottom, allowing bacterial degradation of organic matter. Forza7 has a strong degassing effect that reduces the nitrogen fraction and any other harmful gases; it can distribute and dissolve pure oxygen or ozone, and its standard version can be used to inject and mix chemicals to water.

Forza7 is the most environmentally efficient system: bottom aeration is as important as water aeration and is easily achieved with this system. Once water hygiene in the tank is achieved, it is important to prevent the establishment of anaerobic conditions in the bottom sediment. Suitable for several types of tanks and reservoirs, it can be equipped with three different propellers according to different needs and applications.

The system is supplied with floating or static wall- or guide-mounted support, and can be used as an aerator in various aquaculture and biofloc applications.

Stormix MA

Stormix MA is a powerful submersible aerator. The speed of its propeller creates a pressure drop that draws air from the surface through a suction tube. It injects a large volume of micronised air bubbles into the water, perfectly dissolving air and oxygen. The propeller of this submersible aerator also produces a powerful flow of water providing an excellent circulation effect.

The system can be installed at different depths and angles of incidence to find the best effect on a case-by-case basis. 

Stormix MA can distribute and dissolve pure oxygen or ozone, and its standard version can also be used to inject and mix chemicals to water. The system is supplied with floating or static wall- or guide-mounted support, and can be used as an aerator in various applications from waste water treatment to activated sludge and environmental restoration.

Stormix PRT

It is the submersible aerator for industrial applications: this highly efficient submersible electro-injector, with a stainless steel and marine bronze motor, is capable of micronising air bubbles to such a size that oxygen transfer rates are far higher than traditional aeration systems, as well as imparting a circulating motion to the water. These features are the result of years of improvements in multiple applications on the ground.

The different types of supports of the Stormix PRT allow for vertical adjustment of the submersible aerator up to 45°, so that the system can best adapt to all possible shapes of the tanks to be oxygenated. The Stormix PR Pro aerator can be installed in different floating versions, to follow varying water levels of aerated or SBR equalisation tanks, or on a static support for fixed installations or on guides for easy mounting and removal. Our guide systems allow in-tank installation with no need to stop the process.

Stormix Vario

Questo potente aeratore sommergibile richiama aria dalla superficie attraverso un tubo di aspirazione e grazie alla caduta di pressione creata dalla velocità della sua elica in acciaio inox AISI 316L. Stormix Vario inietta nell’acqua un grande volume d’aria sotto forma di bolle micronizzate, dissolvendo aria e ossigeno in maniera ottimale. Stor,ix Vario è dotato di un potente motore burshless a magneti permanenti, in grado di variare i giri dell’elica a seconda delle esigenze di prestazione e consumo energetico desiderati, con potenze da 0.5 fino a 15kW.

Fornito nella versione standard con un inverter in diverse classi di protezione IP20 o IP65, può essere collegato ad una sonda di ossigeno disciolto e lavorare autonomamente in base ella concentrazione di DO desiderata, rendendo possibile la miglior prestazione al minimo costo energetico possibile.

Il sistema può essere installato a differenti profondità e con diverse angoli d’incidenza per un’ottimale performance. La circolazione provocata contribuisce a migliorare e velocizzare il processo di dissoluzione dell’ossigeno in acqua.

Stormix Vario può distribuire e dissolvere ossigeno puro oppure ozono, e nella sua versione standard può anche essere utilizzato per iniettare e mescolare prodotti chimici all’acqua.

L’aeratore Stormix PR Pro può essere installato in diverse versioni  galleggianti, per seguire livelli idrici variabili di vasche di equalizzazione aerata o SBR , o su supporto statico per installazioni fisse o su guide, per una facile installazione ed estrazione. I nostri sistemi di guide permetto un installazione in vasca senza la necessità di stop il processo.

Vario MAC

This powerful submersible aerator draws air from the surface through a suction pipe and thanks to the pressure drop created by the speed of its AISI 316L stainless steel propeller. Vario MAC injects a large volume of air in the form of micronized bubbles into the water, optimally dissolving air and oxygen. Vario MAC is equipped with a powerful permanent magnet brushless motor, capable of varying the propeller revolutions according to the desired performance and energy consumption needs, with powers from 0.5 up to 15kW.

Supplied in the standard version with an inverter in different protection classes IP20 or IP66, it can be connected to a dissolved oxygen probe and work autonomously based on the desired DO concentration, making possible the best performance at the lowest possible energy cost.

The system can be installed at different depths and with different angles of incidence for optimal performance. The circulation caused helps to improve and speed up the process of dissolving oxygen in the water.

Vario MAC can distribute and dissolve pure oxygen or ozone, and in its standard version it can also be used to inject and mix chemicals into water.


Flash is classified as a high-performance submersible aerator used for oxygen dissolution.

Its high dissolution capacity reaches directly to a depth of 3 metres, while the induced dissolution capacity exceeds 6 metres.

Flash produces a vertical circulation that does not cause turbulence in the water, making it ideal for use with fry and in pre-growing.

Flash has an effective destratification action.

Flash is lightweight and easy to install; it is also manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials, and is particularly suitable for use and applications in sea or brackish water.

Flash can be used uninterruptedly or in oxygen emergency situations.

Flash is therefore recommended for use with pure oxygen, for fry and pre-growing applications, and performs best in salt and brackish water.

Flash is supplied on a professional thermostamped and UV-resistant floating support.


The ECO2 is a highly efficient water-air mixer combined with a Venturi. With this simple device we can enrich pumped or falling water with air, with pure oxygen or even mix other chemicals, with a high dissolution efficiency.

ECO2 works hydraulically by exploiting the pressure of the water flowing through it, without requiring any additional energy from the system, and its contact chamber allows a high dissolution of the extracted gases by increasing both the surface area and the contact time between air and water. The ECO2 is equipped with 3 different nozzles to be compatible with different water flow rates and operating pressures, to inject different amounts of air. In this way, it is always possible to obtain the best combination between the quantity of air/oxygen/ozone to be injected and the relative water flow rate.

ECO2 is very robust and maintenance-free; each injector is capable of operating within a pressure range of 0.8-1.8 atm with relative water flow rates between 30 and 150l/min. The ECO2 is self-priming with air up to 1.2 m, pressure and can be fed with Ozone/Oxygen/other chemicals up to and over 10 m water column.


EcoMat is the latest innovative evolution of traditional Venturi systems. Its technology encompasses the Venturi concept of nozzles and flow accelerators.

EcoMat guarantees a rate of transferred oxygen equal to 4 times that of traditional Venturi systems thanks to its ability to micronise the air bubbles it mixes with water, thus exponentially increasing its efficiency. In addition to increasing dissolved oxygen, EcoMat significantly increases water flow thanks to its flow accelerators, greatly enhancing its water circulation and mixing action. This simple device not only enriches water with air but is also particularly suitable for dissolving technical gases such as oxygen and ozone with a very high dissolution efficiency due to the generated micro-bubbles. The aquaculture application of EcoMat usually occurs in the production of phyto and zooplankton in pre-growing, on-growing and  broodstock tanks and in many other fields of application. EcoMat can be installed with any pressurised water source, submersible or surface pumps. It is also particularly suitable for small lakes or tanks.



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