The importance of aeration in aquaculture and industry

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While in agriculture only two components are involved, in aquaculture there are three: air, water and soil.

In the ecosystem there is a continuous recycling of simple elements such as Carbon, Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Oxygen.

Oxygen is the main component in all these chemical reactions.

The photosynthesis, the rains, the sedimentation and the precipitation affect the quality of the soil in a large way, thus producing the accumulation of bacteria and organic components which could be a huge risk for the animal and vegetable ecosystem.

Therefore, having a correctly oxygenated and aired tank of water is crucial to guarantee a correct biological balance of the fish feed, eliminating the risk of external bacteria or pathogens or including organic components such as aquatic plants which, in addition, can create imbalances. that are difficult to handle.

Aquaculture and aeration: crucial aspect for the water basin

At the same time, oxygen is necessary to keep the fish healthy, but it is also necessary for beneficial aerobic bacteria, air flow is important because without it the reservoir and sediments will enter in an anaerobic state.

It is important to make a distinction, the anaerobic bacteria produce a fermentation of the organic matter with the release of dangerous substances to the water, while on the opposite the aerobic bacteria allow the mineralization of the organic substance, making it inert.

Also, the anaerobic bacteria make harmful gases in the water that runs the risk of harmful volumes for the fish and for all the aquatic ecosystem, also produce turbidity in the water and the release of bad smells on the surface.

Therefore, the air in the water tank is always crucial in aquaculture, since the oxygen intake maintains the fish healthy and ensures a correct balance of the aerobic system.

Seasonal aeration prevents the risk of fish mortality 

Another important aspect to keep in mind is the mortality of the fish, which under conditions of lack of oxygen increases considerably, as a direct consequence of the increase of the stress of the species.

Not only the hot summer seasons can create problems of oxygen depletion, both spring and the wind are critical moments in conjunction with the natural mix of the different layers of the lake and the temporal elimination of the thermocline, which can suddenly release the depleted oxygen on the surface, cleaning up all the column of harmful substances for the water that was previously blocked in the bottom.

Therefore, the ventilation and the correct circulation allow to eliminate the thermal estratification throughout the year, thus avoiding the risk of mortality due to abrupt changes of thermal estratification inside the basin.

Water circulators and aerators for a correct restoration of the water tank

Just as in animal species, also in natural species, subjected to anthropic pressures (civil and industrial species), the organic matter coming from human activities can generate eutrophication phenomena which, if not managed correctly, can cause death of the aquatic ecosystem, with serious impact on the fauna but also on the anthropic activities that surround the lake.

Through correct planning and the installation of aerators and circulators, it is therefore possible to guarantee correct restoration of the water tank with the consequent possibility of reusing the water for various purposes, from recreational to irrigation, and a final benefit that is from one side economically and for the other part is regarding the environment with a view to sustainability and well-being.

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