Research centres

Research centres

RAS closed circuits are an excellent tool for research centres that wish to carry out experiments in an aquatic environment.

Existing environmental issues are pushing more and more public authorities and start-ups to deepen their knowledge of natural resources, whether they are trading species or natural ecosystems. Innovaqua has endeavoured to provide a service of excellence from the design and to the implementation of pilot research plants, tailored to each requirement and application.

Research centres often use RAS closed-loop technology, achieving constant water quality and reducing the risk of contamination by external pollutants or pathogens. In these RAS closed circuits, PH, temperature, oxygen, salinity and any required measurable parameters are monitored and controlled in real time. These RAS systems allow us to obtain highly reliable results in the field, which can thus be of relevant scientific value.

Innovaqua collaborates with public and private entities and with many universities and start-ups, synergistically in the study of the most appropriate solutions for the needed application. In fact, each experiment requires an ad hoc study, and a specific technology necessary to carry it out.

Innovaqua designs and implements customised closed-circuit systems for its partners.

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