Mollusc Display Units

Mollusc Display Units

Live storage and maintenance display units for molluscs consisting of white or blue (food-grade material) isothermal container made of fibreglass or double-glazed glass.

They can be interfaced and connected to other peripheral systems with hydraulic connection.

  • Compartmentalised by product type.
  • Suitable for optimising management with enhanced visual appeal.
  • Autonomous ‘operation’ technology incorporated into the display unit.
  • Water conditioning system adaptable to the optimal conditions of the live ‘product’, capable of keeping the product healthy for prolonged periods, guaranteeing taste and quality.
  • Energy-efficient circulation pump.
  • Thermo-refrigeration monoblock with titanium coil.
  • Digital thermostat.
  • Electricity voltage: 230 volts single-phase or 400 volts three-phase.
  • IP55-compliant power system.
  • Compliant with Italian and European safety regulations.
  • Simple service and minimal maintenance.

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