Crustacean Display Units

Crustacean Display Units

Display units/hatcheries for the live storage and maintenance of crustaceans and fish.

Innovaqua provides fishmongers and restaurants with a wide range of aquariums and display units suitable for optimising an excellent visual appeal of the displayed product with stocks of up to 30 kg. These aquariums consist of one or more shatterproof double-glazed tanks and a supporting structure of coated or panelled stainless steel.

Innovaqua manufactures for fishmongers and large-scale retailers high-storage hatcheries and display units, from 150 kg to 500 kg of crustaceans in food-grade non-toxic PE material in white or blue.

All display units include an autonomous ‘operating’ technology, a water conditioning system adaptable to the optimal conditions of the live ‘product’, capable of keeping the product healthy for prolonged periods, guaranteeing taste and quality.

  • Energy-efficient circulation pump.
  • Thermo-refrigeration monoblock with titanium coil.
  • Digital thermostat.
  • Electricity voltage: 230 volts single-phase or 400 volts three-phase.
  • IP55-compliant power system.
  • Compliant with Italian and European safety regulations.
  • Easy cleaning, simple service and minimal maintenance.

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