Vario MAC

Circulation and aeration combined to target the best: efficiency – performances and consumption

It is now possible to operate the aerator at the power required by the process in real time, thanks to a control
system that can be manual or automated by a dissolved oxygen probe.

Model range

  • Vario MAC 30 hp 0,5 – 3 kw
  • Vario MAC 70 hp 4 – 7,5 kw
  • Vario MAC 150 hp 8 – 15 kw

Technical features

  • Total energy consumption control
  • Optimization of electricity consumption based on real time needs
  • Best efficiency and control of the air injected
  • Less overheating of engine components
  • Inverter operated (Drive IP20 or IP66)
  • Energy category EI1
  • Helix revolution is 3.600 rpm with related power from 15Kw
  • Gas injection: oxygen, ozone or other technical gases.
  • Powerful circulation effect


Functional features:

  • Reduced size and weight, the smaller solution available on the market
  • Easy, multiple and flexible installation and maintenance
  • Lower component and installation costs
  • Suitable and versatile to several tanks geometry

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